Uniform of the People at the Palladium Boots FW22 Sales Meeting

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Palladium has been the UNIFORM OF THE PEOPLE for nearly 75 years, making footprints in history as the trusted choice for explorers across the globe.

As artists dream bigger, athletes play faster, and brave citizens fight for justice and a freer world, we're on the side of those who want to challenge the status quo.

From the creator's studio to underground raves, from the battlefield to the frontiers of scientific discovery — ever since making our first pair of boots, Palladium has stayed at the heart of the action, serving bold individuals who dared to reshape our world.


Our Uniform of the People campaign features explorers from all backgrounds, locations and mindsets sharing their stories - from the good, bad, pretty and ugly.

During times of inner transformation to outer movements of traveling the world, Palladium Boots has been supporting the lives of explorers.

We want to hear your story! Send us an email with your story, we may even send you a new pair of Palladiums Boots - uop@palladiumboots.com.